Carpet Flooring

carpet flooring systems

It is the material used to cover the upholstery, the face of which is made of textile material. The most preferred of textile upholstery coatings are carpets.

Machine made carpets are more widely used today. Handcrafted carpets are mostly used in residences. Since machine carpets are generally produced in 4 m width and as a continuous band, they can be applied to any floor by sewing in an unspecified way or by gluing the undersides of the joints to the floor. These rugs are produced as pure wool, polyester, polyethylene or wool blended polyester in plain or desired pattern. The pile height (the height of the fiber part of the carpet) can be 8-13 mm, and the lower surfaces are formed by applying a polymer emulsion under jute canvas, foam, rubber or jute canvas.

The bottom of the carpet coverings are rubber-based ones, especially used in places where impact sound is not desired because they do not produce impact sound. Those that are completely made of polyester or similarly made of artificial fibers do not pass static electricity to the flooring under the carpet, so they cause static electricity accumulation in those who circulate on them. In general, it should be known that the difficulty in cleaning such carpets increases with the increase of pile height and it should be considered that it is inconvenient to use it in places where hygiene is important.

Machine rugs are produced in two types as long pile and short pile. Long pile carpets are more durable. In this percentage, these carpets are used in places where more people live, rather than residences. In order for carpets to be used for a long time, they must be protected from some factors. Contamination, fiber loss, fluff, staining, cigarette burns are the main factors that cause the carpet to lose its appearance.


carpet flooring cost The acoustic insulation of the carpets is high. It prevents reverberation by absorbing impact and speech sounds.

carpet flooring price When pressed on, it gives a feeling of comfort due to its high spring feature.

carpet flooring materials Carpets are required to be resistant to burning and not leave any burn marks. Wool rights are naturally resistant to cigarette burns due to the wool fiber it contains.

carpet flooring types In the carpet, the static electricity caused by friction should be low.

carpet flooring tiles When heavy items placed on it are lifted, it is desired that the traces of the items disappear in a short time.

carpet flooring for office It provides easy walking. It is the property of reducing the kinetic energy that occurs when walking on the carpet, felt by a person walking on a carpet.

carpet floor company turkey It should have the ability to preserve its color against various factors such as light, water, cleaning reagents.

carpet floor covering Like other floor coverings, the most important issue to be considered in carpet selection is the suitability of the product to be selected for the intended use. Today, as a result of the advances in building technology, many different carpets are produced with different qualities and colors, suitable for different usage purposes such as home and workplace.


Daily cleaning should be done to prevent crumbs and debris from damaging the carpet. Since crumbs and debris will damage the fibers and the floor of the carpet, such items should be cleaned daily by vacuuming.


Carpet covering prices vary according to the properties of the material to be used and the place to be applied. To get a carpet covering price, you can fill out our contact form.