Rubber Floor Covering

rubber flooring

Rubber flooring coatings are obtained by vulcanizing the rubber paste with sulfur and adding filler and pigments. Various fillers are mixed to give color and softness to the rubber, the amount of rubber in the material should not be less than 35%. These types of coatings are generally divided into two: First type; They are coatings consisting of a homogeneous layer. The second type is; It is a type consisting of several layers such as wear and carrier. This type of coating is suitable for light and medium circulation. It can also be used where high abrasion resistance and an aesthetic appearance are required. In addition to being aesthetic, it is also suitable for walking safety, does not produce germs, is resistant to chemicals and water. Its electrical resistance is high. A 2.5 mm thick rubber does not produce footfall sound. For example, the coating stores a 10 dB level of insulation. It is applied on a trowel-polished clean and dry cement screed with its special adhesive. The adhesion process should not be done at temperatures lower than 15 ° C. The surface of this material can be produced as flat, as well as by taking round and square pattern relief. Rubber is a floor covering produced in the form of a tile with a thickness of 3-6 mm or a roll of 1-1.5 m in width, which is beautiful-looking, elastic, durable, easy to clean and does not generate noise when walking on it. Synthetic rubber consists of a mixture of various fibers and minerals and pigments in the desired colors.


rubber flooring rolls Absorbs noise.
rubber flooring price Flexible.
rubber flooring tiles Resistant to chemicals, water and moisture.
rubber flooring gym Highly resistant to cigarette burns.


EPDM rubber is widely used as flooring, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, basketball and volleyball courts, children's playgrounds, athletics tracks, jogging and walking paths, bicycle paths, terraces and balconies, school garden flooring.

Advantages of EPDM floor coverings;

rubber flooring for home gym Flexible and resistant to impacts.
rubber flooring materials High ultraviolet resistance.
epdm rubber Not deform due to temperature differences.
epdm rubber price Hygienic and easy to clean.
epdm rubber flooring price Provides heat and sound insulation.
epdm rubber flooring materials Safe due to its non-slip feature.

EPDM rubbers show excellent resistance to heat, light and oxidation. They form low-cost mixtures due to their high filling and fat absorption properties. It also has electrical insulation features. It is resistant to aqueous and concentrated acids and alkalies. Due to its low density, it is possible to produce lightweight materials and easily shape.


Vacuuming, dry and wet mopping and washing can be done. When alkaline cleaners are applied to the surface, it should not be left on the surface for more than 5 minutes. This situation causes damage to the surface.


Rubber flooring prices vary according to the properties of the material to be used and the place to be applied. To get a rubber flooring price, you can fill out our contact form.